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20 Years of Experience

We have been taking family and friends on the ultimate fishing experience for two decades. Running in the flood we are a family owned and operated business so we know how to make this experience unreal for you.


The Fleet

Our fleet is of great pride to us and we take great care maintaining, repairing and modifying or boats to keep them up to the highest standard.


This is our largest boat in the fleet our 40ft gem is built for both luxury and practicality when it comes to fishing. 


Our little Princess. Built purely for fishing and powering from spot to spot, the aim? to catch as many fish as possibly.


Our Fishing Destinations

We operate in and out of the AB islands off the coast of Australia most pristine coastline. With many family kept secret spots we can guarantee you will be pulling your first fish of the trip up in no time.

North Island

Easter Island

Pigeon island

Our Professional Crew

Cleaning Boat

Phil Walters

The bossman of the seas, and Father of the family run business. Captain Phil has extensive knowledge of the seas passed down from his father who previously run the business.

Every boat needs an experienced mechanic to call upon. John ensures the boat is always running like brand new.

Claire is our our stylist. Keeping everything up to date from the bedroom design to the colour of napkins on you table. she will make you feel right at home.

John Alderway

Claire Hipper

Aerial View of Kayaks

The woman behind the scenes. Wife and mother of the business ensuring everything is kept up to date and things are in order.

Baily Walters

The young deck onboard. Learning as he grows to captain and maintain the fleet in tiptop condition. He will be your main man for activities and helping you land some big fish.

Our newest member of the fleet. Stewardess and housekeeper looking after your rooms and keeping things neat and tidy. Our young deckhand introduced us to her not long ago and we must say she is a catch.

Milly Decker

Waverly Walters

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